The amber baby necklaces have the main property of relieving the painful dental flare of children. Also, baby necklaces in Amber calms irritations of the skin. Amber has a beneficial effect on the diaper rash of babies, but also the redness in the neck.

Wearing an Amber baby necklace also makes sleep easier and improves the quality of sleep. The children are soothed and have fewer nightmares.  

Amber is also attributed many properties and anti-inflammatory properties of ENT pathways.   In reality, there is nothing magic: Amber produces negative ions by friction, which promotes the circulation of energy throughout the body. This removes the fatigue due to electromagnetic pollution.   Amber: How do these negative ions act: by improving blood circulation and its PH (make it more alkaline), by regulating the nervous system, and improving the reflexes, by activating the metabolism and fighting inflammations.   Baby's teeth: how old are they growing?    

Do not wait for the first dental flush to put the collar on the baby. The sooner the child wears his collar sooner the beneficial effects of Amber will be felt by the child. You can put the amber necklace to the child well before or after the dental flare to take advantage of the many virtues of Amber described above.