Who are we ?

You are very often wondering whether the sites you visit are serious or not. To answer this legitimate question, I invite you to discover the history of CollierBebe.com, French website located in the Paris region created in 2009:  

My name is Franck, creator of the website Collierbebe.com, and son of precursor jeweler since 1990 in the import of Amber from the Baltic countries and the creation of jewelry in Amber. Very quickly became the leader, he will provide smaller jewelry stores at Paris Department Stores and provincial. Having become my father, I, like many parents, knew the happiness of my daughter's dental surges. So, for the first time, I tested an Amber necklace on my daughter and the result was without question. From there was born the idea of ​​marketing on the Internet necklaces and bracelets in Amber since no site dedicated to this jewel existed at the time. To develop myself I had a beautiful address book of the best producers and craftsmen working the Amber in Poland, Germany and Lithuania.  

In fact, the site collierbebe.com has become a leader in this field. A success spotted by others who did the same by creating their own site and / or completing their product line. You will also observe that our texts and photos are very often found on the sites of my competitors and I am rather proud with hindsight.  Visit the site now with confidence. Do not hesitate to contact me for any questions in the dedicated form. I will answer all your questions and also share your remarks so that I can further improve the service or jewelry. See you soon, Franck